Mead Community Day & Sugarbeet Festival

What a difference a year makes!  Last year we struggled to keep up with serving our community on this fun annual event.  But this year we were blessed with the help of a six person mission team from one of our supporting churches, Alpha Baptist in Morristown, TN.  Plus, we had a number of new Grandview Church people helping us serve as well!  Our team worked well together from setting up at 8 am to tearing down at 8 pm!  Officials estimate this year’s crowd at a minimum of 1,200 people, and many of them came by our tent and bounce house.  We were so thankful for each and every conversation we were able to have.  We believe that by the end of the day we had given away: 900 snow cones, 600 bags of popcorn, 150 helium balloons, and 6 $25 gift certificates!  We had a blast serving our community by showing and sharing the love of Christ!

waiting-in-line terry-kirby-landscape tent-prep taryn-rocks sunset-on-serving snow-cone-team serve-team popcorn-trio-landscape mead-team-landscape img_5638b img_5637b img_5636 growing-crowd browns-and-bruce break-time bounce-house bounce-house-business balloon-bruce

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