Happy Mother’s Day from Colorado!

Happy Mother’s Day from Colorado! We had the opportunity to take care of the nursery today at the church plant we are interning with so the normal nursery workers could enjoy Mother’s Day with their own kids! I was reminded once again of some of the routine challenges that mother’s with young children face daily!
Thank you for your partnership with us here in Colorado! Thanks to your support, our last week has been super busy, and yet very encouraging. Last Sunday we had the opportunity to preach twice at a sister church and we were warmly received. They reminded us a lot of our beloved home church Oak Street Baptist!

This past Monday morning I was able to meet with some key leaders in Mead. I was so encouraged with their interest in our church plant and for their counsel and insight into our new hometown. Thursday I was greatly inspired by the believers and leaders who participated in Longmont’s National Day of Prayer gathering (nothing in Mead–yet!) I met several local pastors and was warmly embraced into their fellowship. I look forward to growing those relationships in the weeks ahead. I attended my first Mead Rotary Club meeting Friday morning with about 25 local Rotarians. Once again, the folks from Mead were hospitable and encouraging about our future church.
Saturday evening we attended my High School Alumni Banquet in Akron. You may have heard that two years ago, God used my classmate’s spiritual hunger to prompt us to consider moving our ministry out here where there are so few Christ-followers.
Lisa’s job continues to be a source of challenge, and yet also ministry! She is developing some relationships with an apartment neighbor lady and a lady she met at Macy’s last fall. Both of these ladies are eager to have a friend, but both have significant ministry hurdles, so please continue praying for Lisa and the ladies that she interacts with.

As of now, the closing date for our home is still on track for May 21st. While we are getting excited about finally moving into our new home, the move, getting unpacked and settled in there will be super time and energy consuming. We aren’t as excited about that! So pray that we won’t miss divine appointments, or be too busy/tired for unexpected ministry opportunities that may come up during the next several weeks! We want to be a HUGE blessing to our new neighbors and neighborhood.
If you have questions or prayer needs, or just want to catch up with us, we would love to hear from you! God’s best to you always!

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