God Showed Up–Along with 2,000 People from Mead!


Thanks so muMeadCommunityDaystagech for your prayers last Saturday as Grandview Church made her public debut at Mead’s Annual Community Day festivities while 2,000 people milled around Mead’s Downtown Park!

We had purchased our tent, table, banner, and promotional materials, including five gift certificates for our Prize Drawing.  We had rented the Longs Peak Baptist Association “Celebration Station Trailer” which included a Snow Cone machine and popcorn popper, and all the necessary supplies to go with them.

We started out with 60 pounds of ice, but by the time the day was almost over, we had made and given out 600 Free Snow Cones (using 180 pounds of ice total)!  We also estimate we made and gave away 300 Free bags of popcorn!  While Lisa, my sister Nancy and her husband Jerry made and gave away the free eats, I manned the front table and encouraged people to fill our cards and enter the Prize Drawings.

While they filled out the card I told them a little about Grandview Church and answered their questions.  By the end of the day we had 91 cards in our “fish bowl!”  Besides basic contact info (email address or cell number), the card had three crucial questions: 1) “May we contact you when we are ready to begin our meetings?”  2) “Would you be interested in serving in our church?”  Praise the Lord, 51 (over half) indicated we could contact them when we start meeting, and 11 indicated that they would be interested in serving in our church!  3) “May we pray for you?  If so, do you have any special requests you would like to share with us?”  The vast majority of the cards indicated that they would like us to pray for them, and many of them wrote out special prayer requests for us.

These contacts, along with the ones we have gathered along the way, will provide us a database that our church communications can easily travel.  We also offered free copies of “The Story of Jesus,” a small paperback that takes scripture passages out of all four gospel accounts to provide a concise, chronological suMeadCDGrandviewChurchmmary of Christ’s birth, life and ministry, death and resurrection!  Thirteen people took “The Story of Jesus” home with them, and each of them had one of our business cards stuck inside so they could contact us later!

Pray for each one of the lives that we touched!  Pray some will come to know Christ personally.  Pray some will step up and become church planting partners here in Mead with us.  Pray that Christ will be glorified and that His Kingdom will grow and expand in Mead and beyond!

In closing, one of the dozens of middle school aged boys who stopped by for a Snow Cone was so touched by our church’s generosity that we wanted to give us a donation.  We thanked him for his thoughtfulness and told him that God was generous towards us and so we wanted to be generous with our community.  Not to be deterred, he insisted he wanted to give us his donation.  When I looked at the gift he gave me, I was surprised to find it was a five dollar bill–significantly more than the value of the free Snow Cone he had received!  Should the Lord prompt you to make a donation to the ministry of Grandview Church, you can make your check payable to either Oak Street Baptist Church, 804 Oak Street, Elizabethton, TN 37643 or Longs Peak Baptist Association, PO Box 755, Loveland, CO 80539.  Just remember to note your contribution is for Grandview Church, Mead.  Or you can give safely online with your credit or debit card through our “Giving” page at www.makelovegrowco.com  Thanks again for partnering in this ministry with us!  God’s best to you always!  Bruce & Lisa

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