Finally “Home!”

New home

Thanks to God’s grace and your support, we have a new address: 16565 Sanford Street, Mead, CO 80542.  We will keep our PO Box in Mead for a while so you can still reach us there as well.  But, what all this means is that we closed on our house and received our new keys!  Lord willing, we hope to be somewhat settled in by the end of next week!  We can’t wait to meet all our new neighbors and begin building relationships with them.

While Lisa’s job is keeping her busy, she seems to be a little more comfortable in it!  She is getting to know her coworkers and patients better and that helps so much.  She is continuing to develop relationships with other ladies.  These ladies enjoy getting together with Lisa so much, but they have significant questions about Christianity, so please continue praying for her and all the ladies that she interacts with.

In addition to continually building relationships, I have a significant amount of study and paperwork to do relating to our church planting ministry.  We are close to settling on a church name and our basic planting strategy.  At this moment, it is looking like we will name our church plant, “Grandview Church.”   One reason is because we have such an amazing view of the snow capped Rocky Mountains from Mead, though there are several other reasons as well.

Mead sign

While further missions training for us is being scheduled for this fall, I have been gleaning lots of great insights and ideas from books I’m reading and church planting podcasts I’m listening too.  Please pray we will be able to keep up with mission expectations, especially as we work through important decisions and move into our new home.

Starting this summer we will begin to have a little more flexibility with our Sunday worship options.  We will continue to help with the folks at Living Rock Church, but progressively less over the next few months.  We anticipate winding up our internship by the end of the summer so we can focus our full attention on the ministry here in Mead.

We were asked by a supporting church in Greeneville, TN to preach for their Sunday morning worship service, June 14th.  Because we haven’t been able to share our ministry with their congregation yet, and since they are already supporting us with prayer and finances, we will be flying to TN for that weekend.  In addition, we are scheduled to be with our sending church, Oak Street Baptist that Sunday evening, June 14th.  We are so excited to be able to come back to share with our home/sending church after our first 3 ½ months in Colorado!

NAMB has put together a huge SEND missions conference in Nashville, August 3-5, and since we were encouraged to attend, we have made plans to do so.  We would love to have a bunch of friends and supporters participate in this great conference with us!  Let us know if you are interested and we will be happy to help you get you the necessary information.

Thank you once again for your partnership with us here in Colorado!  If you have questions or prayer needs, or just want to catch up with us, we would love to hear from you!  If you are thinking about coming out to visit us and to catch the vision of what God is doing here, please let us know so we can get you on our schedule.  We hope to be ready for visitors within a couple weeks!  God’s best to you always!

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