When did you move to Colorado?

We moved into an apartment in Longmont, Colorado the end of February 2015.  The Lord provided the perfect house for us in Mead three months later, and we moved in the end of May 2015.

Why is church planting important?

When will your new church start meeting?

After we got to Colorado, we started out by helping a couple who has already started a church in a neighboring town.  After seven months of primarily helping them, we have been focusing our efforts on planting our church.  We are presently working on starting multiple home Discovery Groups in strategic areas within our community.  This summer we will conduct several outreach events in our community.  We hope by the end of the summer or sometime this fall to launch weekly, public worship services in a local school.

How do you plant a church?

There are lots of different approaches to church planting.  We have some ideas on how we sense God is leading us to do it, but as we get to know our community (Mead, CO) and to talk to area church planters we will nail down the specific approach we will use in our community.  However, the basics are:  serve others, build relationships with unreached people, make reproducing disciples, plant small group Bible studies, discover, develop and deploy leaders, and plant a church that plants churches.

Why do you have to raise support? How much support do you have to raise?

While the International Mission Board fully supports their missionaries, the North American Mission Board provides up to 40% of our support for up to 5 five years; so we will be responsible to raise the other 60%.  We have been told we will need about $65,000 a year to live in Mead, Colorado.  We are so thankful for the many churches and individual churches that have already partnered with us financially.  That means our 2016 fund raising goal has dropped to $18,000.  God has also provided Lisa a part-time job to help make up the difference.

How many partners do you need?

Great question!  We are praying for hundreds of partners who will pray for us, dozens of partners (churches, small groups and individuals) who will give/invest financially in our ministry, and as many going partners as God will raise up for our team!  The more people who come and work with us, the quicker the church planting process moves ahead.

If I decide to commit to regular giving, can I change my mind if my circumstances change?

Absolutely!  In fact, we hope God will bless you so much as you invest in this ministry that you will be able to increase your giving!  However, on the other hand, should you find yourself in a financial crisis, you certainly have the option to limit or discontinue your gifts to our ministry.  We are confident God will provide for us one way or the other, so we never want anyone to feel any undue pressure to give to our ministry.

How can I support this ministry financially?

You can give cash, give a written check to: Grandview Church, PO Box 689, Mead, CO  80542, or use a debit/credit card here.  All funds are received at Grandview Church, and contribution credit for IRS purposes will be given.

Will I receive a record of my gifts to this ministry so I can count my contributions as tax-deductible charitable gifts approved by the IRS?

Yes.  Each January you will receive a record of all your gifts to Grandview Church that is acceptable to the IRS.