2017 Kids Adventure Camp Outreach!


Please pray for Grandview Church as we host our second annual kids outdoor Adventure Camp (VBS) in Mead, today through Wednesday!  Last year we ended up with almost 40 kids by the final day.  This year we have close to 70 kids pre-registered before we even begin!


These pictures are from last year, but many of these kids have preregistered for this year as well!  Keep in mind that many of these kids do not go to church, and so their knowledge of Jesus is very limited.  This year’s theme is “Camp Out, Getting S’more of Jesus.”  We’ll have the park decorated like a camp site and we believe the kids here will really get into this theme since camping is a big part of the culture here in Colorado.


God has blessed us with leaders and workers from Ellendale Baptist Church in Bartlett, TN, our church here, our neighborhood, and even our local high school!  We’re not sure we have enough workers, so please pray each one does their job well and the overall camp experience is wonderful for everyone involved.  We’re not sure all of the workers are Christ-followers, but they volunteered to help and we know all of them will hear about Christ all week long!  Who knows, we may reach adults as well as kids with the gospel!   So pray all of us will show and share the love of Christ in a winsome way to the kids and the adults this week!  Besides serving our community, we hope to encourage kids and their families who attend camp to eventually visit Grandview Church.  Since very few in our community will come to church, we use events like our camp to take the church to our community!


This last photo was taken at our Easter Worship gathering at Mead Middle School, the weekly “home” of Grandview Church.  Pray our church will reach more and more people with the unfathomable love of Christ and God’s amazing grace!

Thanks for your partnership with us in taking the gospel to Northern Colorado!!!

Bruce and Lisa

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