2016 Adventure Camp a Success!

Thanks so much for YOUR partnership with us!  Our first ever Mead Kids Adventure Camp was so much fun and very well received by our community!  We were surprised our extensive advertising didn’t bring in many kids, but word of mouth advertising was very effective.  While we started with 18 kids on Monday we ended with 35 on Wednesday!  If we could have continued throughout the rest of the week we think we would have continued to grow at 50% each day.  Special thanks also to our 16 member mission team from Towering Oaks BC, Greeneville and First BC,  Jonesborough for their awesome help pulling it off!  We couldn’t have done it without them!  Hope these pictures will give you an idea of the difference we are making in these kids and their families here in Mead! IMG_8242 IMG_8209 IMG_8178 IMG_8133 IMG_8076 IMG_8048 IMG_8036

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