The Power of 10!

One of my favorite topics is the complexity and the vastness of our universe; from the macro scale to the nano scale.  There is so much we don’t comprehend about God’s amazing creation!  One of my favorite illustrations of our Creator’s genius is found on this website:   Once you get there you will find a fascinating video that takes you in powers of 10 from the edges of the known universe, to the world as we see it, and finally to the fascinating universe found at the atomic level.  Moving perspectives at a power of 10 makes seeing the spectacular scope of creation at bit more manageable for our finite minds.  But only recently have I begun to appreciate the significance of even just one power of 10 jump!  Changing perspective 10 times is powerful!

Similarly, Lisa and I have been amazed by the power of 10 days!  10 days ago we were still living in Tennessee, 10 days later we live 1500 miles away in Colorado!  10 days ago we were packing our belongings, 10 days later we are unpacking our belongings.  10 days ago we lived where everyone knows us, 10 days later we live where no one knows us!  10 days ago we were surrounded by the familiar, 10 days later we are overwhelmed with the unfamiliar!  10 is powerful!


The picture inserted in this blog is one of the many subdivisions in Mead.  We took it just this morning.  There are thousands of unchurched people in this area, and more are moving in every week!  Accordingly, if Jesus tarries, our prayer is that in the 100 days to come, and in the 1,000 days to come, and in the 10,000 days to come, God is going to do some powerful things through our partnership here to make disciples who will make disciples, and to plant churches that will plant churches!  I’m convinced that when we are obedient to God’s leadership, the results are powerful!

By way of confirmation, just this morning I was reading in my devotions about another set of powerful numbers, God’s supernatural numbers!  God told His people in Leviticus 26:8 that if they were obedient to Him, 5 of them would be able to chase away 100 enemies, and 100 of them could chase away 10,000 enemies!  If my math is right, God’s power for His obedient children is 20 times greater, or even up to 100 times greater!  When God is pleased with His children the results are not a powerful 10, but a powerful 100!  That’s 10 times greater than the power of 10!

10 is powerful, but God can turn a powerful 10 into a powerful 100!   Obeying Christ’s commands is the key to this supernatural power.  Let’s encourage one another to grow in our obedience.  When we obey, we will not only experience God’s supernatural multiplication, but it will seen by a watching world, to His glory!  10 is powerful, but our obedience to God can be even more powerful!

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