Wednesday, December 21, 2016


  1. Our many outreach events throughout the year have helped us draw several new families into our church plant, and to spark interest within our community!
  2. We had our first public Preview Worship Gathering at Mead Middle School on December 4th.  Overall, it exceeded our expectations!
  3. We are well on our way to procuring all the equipment we will need to have a “portable church” (one that meets in a school each week).


  1. We are in great need of a permanent worship leader, and a children’s director.
  2. We have several people who are close to coming to saving faith in Christ!
  3. We would like to start 2 new small groups early next year.
  4. We would like to be worshiping weekly at Mead Middle School leading into Easter.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


1)  We have moved most of our belongings out of our apartment and storage building into our new home in Mead!

2)  I am learning so much about church planting!  We continue to deepen our relationships with people in our community.

3)  Lisa continues to have multiple opportunities to share our story with co-workers and patients at work.


1)  I am meeting with some key community leaders Wednesday morning, June 3rd.  Pray the Lord will give me favor with these leaders and that doors will be opened for us to do strategic ministry in our community.

2)  I am preparing to share with our sending church, and one of our supporting churches, both in Tennessee on Sunday, June 14th.  Pray the Lord will use me to challenge His people to be more on mission with Him.

3)  I have lots of projects to complete for my church planting supervisors.  Pray that I will be Spirit led in the use of my time and energies, balancing our many demands and desires.

Tuesday, 3/31/15


1)  God has provided and we have made a deposit on a home in Mead!  If all goes well, we hope to close and move into our home and community sometime in May!

2)  God has provided Lisa a job and a ministry platform in a medical research office in Boulder that is much like what she has had in the past.  Not only will the extra income help with the cost of living here in Colorado, we anticipate it will give her multiple opportunities to show Christ to her co-workers and patients.

3)  God continues to give us opportunities to build relationships and share Christ!


1)  Ask God to prepare us for, and be obedient to the ministry opportunities He will have for us as we finally get to move into our new community and mission field.

2)  Pray for Lisa as she begins her new job this week!  Pray she will be a real blessing to everyone she comes into contact with.

3)  Pray our relationship building and gospel sharing will bear fruit and we will soon be able to lead people to a saving knowledge of Christ, who will follow Him as disciples who will make disciples!

4)  Pray we are able to make the most of the Easter ministry opportunities this week will afford us.


Monday, 11/3/14


1) Thanks for praying about this!  Last Sunday our beloved church of 26 years voted to become our “sending church” which allows us to continue to move ahead in our journey to plant a new church in Mead, Colorado!  Also, we recently received our “congratulatory letter” from the North American Mission Board advising us that we are now approved to be church planters in Colorado!  We will start to receive limited funds from them beginning March 1, 2015!

2) Thanks for praying about our recent opportunities to share about our church planting ministry with our local Baptist associations!  We made many contacts and we are looking forward to seeing how some of them may partner with us in the days ahead.

3) Thanks for your prayers concerning the transition of Lisa and Terria’s business!  While the transaction is not complete, it is moving ahead!

4) We praise the Lord for our son Brent’s excellent development of this website!  While he is never satisfied and is constantly looking to improve it, we continue to receive lots of positive feedback about how it looks and functions!  Please feel free to share this link with anyone and everyone who may be interested in our church planting work!


1) Now that our credentials are in place, we need lots of partners!  We are praying God will raise up hundreds of prayer partners, dozens of financial partners, and finally an adequate number of people who will go with us to Colorado to help us with loving people, teaching Bible studies, developing leaders, and eventually planting our church!  Please pray for the timely provision of the right people to commit to be on our launch team.

2) Now that Lisa and Terria’s business is transitioning, please pray for them when they begin training the new owner and nurse who will be taking over the business.  There is so much training to be done that Lisa and Terria will be actively training the new nurse for at least the next three months or more.  They will also have a consulting role in the business for several years after the transition to ensure the businesses long term viability.

3) Please pray for a timely, mutually beneficial transition for us and our church as I change roles from Oak Street’s senior pastor to their church planting missionary to CO.  Our church will eventually need an experienced interim pastor, a wise and godly pulpit committee, and finally God’s choice for a new senior pastor.   Please pray with us that this leadership transition will not hurt the health of our beloved church, but will ultimately help it!!!

Monday, 10/20/14


Our CO Church Planting Vision Team gave an excellent report of what God is doing in our lives and how our home church, Oak Street Baptist, can be involved in our ministry!


1) Oak Street will take an official vote on this coming Sunday to determine if they will take on the opportunity and responsibility to become our “Sending Church.”

2) We have two excellent invitations to share our calling this week.  Tomorrow we will be meeting with some key leaders in the Holston Baptist Association sharing our calling and exploring possible partnership options.  Then Thursday we will be speaking to our sister churches in the Watagua Baptist Association about our calling and giving them opportunities to consider partnering with us.  Pray that we have a great connection with everyone God is preparing to partner with us!

3) We are so thankful to be moving ahead with the transition of Lisa and Terria’s business.  Pray with us that there will be a smooth and amicable hand off of the business.